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  • How the hell would the math on a cloud only tier work? People not buying the hardware lowers their earnings, and every hour someone plays on cloud instead of their own hardware increases their costs. Cloud users are a way worse value proposition than console users before you discount the price.

    Microsoft hasn’t exactly given us a blow-by-blow breakdown of how much Xbox Cloud Gaming costs to run, but you need only look at other cloud services like Netflix and Spotify to get an idea

    This is laughable. Almost all of the scaling those services have managed is because of massive caching to lower the distance data has to travel, with some bonus “high computation for hyper-efficient encoding” scaling. Every user of cloud gaming has to have all the game activity personally calculated and every frame rendered and encoded individually for just them. There’s no comparison to video.

    Edit: maybe without the library, so it’s just a cloud streaming subscription and you have to buy games?

  • Writing isn’t just storing information. It’s transmitting it across much greater distances, more times, with much less corruption.

    Oral transmission is better than nothing, but written transmission inherently has better reach. Then the printing press allowing for mass reproduction of transmission, then the internet for rapid, much more democratized transmission. It’s the spread of ideas so they can intermingle that’s the super-accelerator.

  • The doctor will very likely have no choice but to send you to complain to someone else. Not recording will violate policy if that’s what their system is, and it’s an entirely reasonable policy to have. Medical interactions are heavily documented for a reason, and it’s because mistakes can literally kill people.

    All your records are already electronic, and a notebook is a far bigger security risk than a cell phone is. It’s not encrypted. Anyone can walk away with it.