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  • Ugh yeah the sites you linked said you just wouldn’t be able to use E2E apps unless you consent to upload everything you do. I’m all for protecting children but this is not the way. This is super nefarious in that people outside the country or using VPNs would be unaware they are being surveilled. I would start a movement to create a law to require any E2E app to disclose if it is monitored by a third party

  • Wow all those are features I want to work properly on a device.

    Not to downplay Signal, their encryption is good and they added anti-quantum technology, but I miss what Wikr used to be. Friggin corporate takeovers.

    Linux was never strong at graphical type things though. I think one of the reasons for a JRE for Android was a graphical setup. You take out the Java, get the bare OS. The Pi is pretty basic. SteamDeck works well because of the people working on Proton which also functions extremely well for Linux desktop Steam users. Hats off to them and I definitely appreciate all that work