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Cool that it’s open source hardware but this keyboard looks like a nightmare to type on. Like one of those mac chiclet keyboards

  • Mitch Mcconnell is not allowed to breathe public air
  • he also must eat the silverware and the packaging alongside every meal
  • PBS runs a daily broadcast of the entire, lifetime compendium of ways Mitch Mcconnell has hurt poor and marginalized people
  • every time he speaks to a group of more than 3 people, a tortoise must rest on his shoulder and should be encouraged to nibble his ears

software development for an ecology / energy nonprofit

i mean this with the utmost compassion: maybe your ideas suck…

Do you think your political differences are getting in the way of you having a good time in your Lemmy communities?

I use this https://obsidian.md/

I like it because it is a lightweight editor/viewer, uses regular markdown + easy linking syntax so I can write a note and link another note like [[this]]

Literally that’s exactly what this means. Company incorporated in country X is a country X company. Why are you so upset that they’ve made this semantic decision which will likely barely affect you?