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  • You can’t say that everybody polls worse and then agree that Kamala Polls better.

    Kamala would be the obvious choice if the party rallies behind her. She would most easily have access to the campaign funds.

    I didn’t like Biden as a candidate before becuase of all of the reasons he’s been a favorite of the donors that you’re mad at for no longer supporting him. I don’t think he has the best shot at besting Trump. The media and donors suddenly turning on Biden is because of his dismal polling and a debate performance that worsened it. They are interested in their investment above all else. Biden is a career politician and he has been a favorite of wealthy donors until he became a liability.

    I’m curious why you’re so ride or die for Biden. I’d prefer candidates other than Biden or Harris, but I’ll support either over Trump. I would prefer if the one picked is most likely to beat Trump though. I don’t like Christofacism.

  • The uncomfortable reality is Biden’s already bad approval rating will continue to worsen as the election gets closer and his minor flubs add up.

    Do you want to tap in somebody else now and get to work or wait until its too late?

    Pretending that there’s no possible other candidate doesn’t make it true either. Other candidates haven’t had to lobby delegates at convention since the 60s but the mechanism is in place for that. Another option is for the party to rally behind Kamala who is polling above Biden and who would also have access to previous their tickets campaign funds.

    I agree that Roe V Wade is this election’s spoiler and Biden has been doing a lackluster job at drilling into that.

  • It is not just that he’s old. Biden has such a low approval rating that it’s comparable to Trump’s when he lost reelection during a pandemic.

    If you truly do care about putting up a fight against Project 2025 then it is important that Democrats run almost anybody else.

    Also, the articles about Biden’s perceived inability to get elected are not a waste of time. The donor class is finally recognizing what many of us have known and are pushing for a change. I can kick and scream all I want about how I don’t want Biden but I don’t have money to fund campaigns.

    Edit: You can boo me. I’ve seen you bet money on a corpse winning a race.

    Pointing out Biden’s flaws is not the problem. Biden’s flaws are the problem.

    Also I don’t think that wealthy donors should have this much influence. I want to clear that up if it came across like I did.