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  • Don’t sweat it man. I’ve seen null pointer dereferencing cause drones to fall out of the sky so this is not that bad. One time I did a code change that disabled an e-stop feature that stopped the propellers from spinning. Thankfully no fingers were lost because of that! The code was reviewed and passed the software simulation tests at the time. It just got missed.

  • I’m using PodcastRepublic on Android right now. It does a fantastic job of organizing my daily playlist for exactly what order I prefer to listen to episodes. The down side is that there is no easy way to translate this nice playlist stuff to the browser website. The state of the website is “mostly functional” and plays audio. Not much else. There is no sync to the Android app.

    What I am going to try next is Audiobookshelf with a python script on their API to get the same playlist sorting features. I’ve got the architecture written out, but haven’t gotten the time to write the code.

    Reading into gpodder here is making want to give that a try, but the only website listed on this table doesn’t say it syncs playback progress.

    So what I’m looking for is something this can sort playlists like PodcastRepublic and sync playback progress like PocketCasts. AFAIK that combo doesn’t exist right now.