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  • Keir Starmer showed you can do it by looking competent and serious.

    He doesn’t have a charisma to be honest, unlike Blair.

    Also, many people voted Labour solely because they voted against Tories, not because people like Starmer and Labour. The fact that Starmer isn’t polling well in terms of popularity shows that. But this doesn’t matter seeing as Labour won a landslide.

    I just hope that Labour and Starmer doesn’t end up like the German SDP and Olaf Scholz. The latter won but doing badly as government. Scholz also presented an air of seriousness but is unpopular.

  • Why else would the right have explicitly Christian colleges, if not to counter the supposed liberal and atheist propaganda from the left?

    Also, the fact that throughout history, both the far-left and far-right dictatorships target intellectuals first as the first show of power. Which shows that colleges are not inherently biased to any ideologies. I don’t need to mention what the Nazis did, but I want to remind what the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia did to intellectuals and those who simply wear glasses (i.e. nerd looking). From the far-left perspective, colleges are too right. And the far-right thinks colleges are too left.

  • I don’t understand why it’s so mainstream to equate Palestine with Hamas.

    Because the mainstream is unironically ignorant of the true political and social state of Palestinian society. They don’t realise that Hamas is an extremist Palestinian political party, while the actual moderate Palestinian faction worthy of support is the Palestinian Liberation Organisation. Show them this Wikipedia page of the ongoing civil war among Palestinians and you’d get cricket noises from the average perpetually online mainstream.

    Gaza is controlled by the Hamas, while the West Bank is controlled by PLO/Fatah. But no one in the mainstream in the Twiterrati, Facebook and other social media will know that, because they get junk food information from fake news and propaganda or their own bubble in those social platforms.

  • Not to defend the pope and his lack of prosecution of these pedophiles, but you have to remember that the rule of a leader is never absolute. A leader still has to answer to either the lay people, the nobles/elites, or both. Or else a leader will have to face a rebellion in some form or another. That being said, the problem is that Pope Francis has to go against a significant number of pedophiles and other ultraconservative priests. The Vatican is a hotbed of political intrigue as much as in the royal courts, congress or parliaments. There has been a talk of conservative discontent on Pope Francis for many years now; many of whom adore the pope’s more conservative predecessor, Benedict XVI. I mean, how else would a pope get elected by its own elites other than to also engage with politics? It’s not different to your everyday office politics or government.