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For me, it’s always a mess in the end sadly :D

How to add signature on aerc

I’m trying to use aerc as my main email client but I don’t find how to add automatically a signature to my mails. Does someone know how to do that?..


Wow thx, the minimal solution is really cool!

Is there an alternative front-end for Twitch?

I’d like to watch some streams but I don’t really wanna go on Twitch’s website directly…


And way older. Let jerboa grow before telling such things.

Damn, I can’t wait for this to happen in France! /s

Wait, there are countries where YT require ID?! wtf

sshh you’re ruining the meme :D

Yeah maybe, well I still can i gues

Which is way smarter than what I use lmao

For this type of funny website I use the password manager on my Ledger nano s (which I only use for the password manager feature - YES it is overkill) which emulates a keyboard hehe ¯\_◉‿◉_/¯

I don’t even dare to try Gentoo…

I’m currently reading Immortel by J.R Dos Santos, I find it pretty good I don’t really know the genre tho. Otherwise I really like biographical genre.

Btw I used to think that I couldn’t read books because I simply couldn’t focus but I’ve found a trick and now I love reading. The “trick” is that I must listen to a music from which I know the lyrics and I add some white noises to that, like that my mind can only focus on what I’m reading (or at least more than before).

As someone who doesn’t use Reddit, I think it’s cool. (And if you think it’s not, feel free to make new memes)

Back on Arch-based distro, feels like home.
At school we have to work on Gnome and as much as it’s a good DE, it is so overwhelming. I love the minimalism of i3…


Are there admins/mods from different time zones?

Following the recent waves of trolls, I think it would be good to have admins/mods in different time zones to be able to react as soon as possible. I know it’s not easy to set up but I think it’s necessary.


Olvid, a secure messenger, is finally open-source! They said before the end of 2021, well it’s really just before the end but it’s there. They released the source for their Android and their IOS app…


[Noob Alert] Is it possible to convert a Vec<String> to an array of &str (so [&str]) ?

I want to use the crate human-sort but it only takes [&str] and I’m currently working with Vec<String>.
Is this possible to make the conversion Vec<String> to [&str]? and in the other way? …


Having the same color scheme everywhere overwhelmed me, so now I use some monokai here, some gruvbox there… First time trying i3 on a non-Arch-based distro, working nice even if i3gaps isn’t officially supported on Debian. …


Is there a transport assistant website?

On my phone I use transportr but I’d like to be able to have a website that does the same thing to be able to check transport schedules without ads or any tracking bullshit on a computer. so is there a transport assistant website?..


What are your favorite switches?

Right now I’ve only tested Cherry MX switches, I wanna build a new keyboard and I’m wondering what are your fav switches :)…


First time trying to do art in the gorillaz’s style :)…


[SOLVED]Tmux always starts with sh

I want to use zsh but everytime I launch tmux it starts with sh so I need to type zsh to have the right shell. Is there something to do in the configuration of tmux about that? …


Here’s a logo I’ve made for my new website.
I’ve made it using Inkscape, the svg file is available here. …


What is a good start to learn Russian?

I really want to learn Russian but I’m not really sure how to start. Should I start by learning to read Cyrillic alphabet? or something else? …


I thought about making this when I was watching My Neighbor Totoro. I kept the design simple as I used as a base TuxFlat. …