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  • I’m not saying the USSR was responsible for the development of the Estonian economy,

    Really? Because that rather sounds like what you’re saying with the comparison you make here

    If the british had built comparable infrastructure in India as in the UK, if they had industrialized it,

    But I don’t know why I expect consistency from red fash.

    Please. Show me the data for that. Show me how exploited the Estonians were, how much lower their wages were than in the rest of the USSR. Spoiler alert: data contradicts your claims.

    The second external strategy employed by the Soviet Union to rebuild its devastated economic infrastructure was the joint company. It became a ubiquitous institution in Eastern Europe. The joint company enabled the U.S.S.R. to extract resources and products from a region partially occupied militarily by the Soviet Army and completely reorganized by the Communist Party. So effective had the joint company and Soviet exploitation become that the economic world of Eastern Europe was turned upside down. Not only did the U.S.S.R. impose the goals of socialism and industrialism on essentially peasant societies, it altered the region’s traditional trade pattern that had focused on commerce with Central and Western Europe. By 1947, commerce flowed in the opposite direction as seventy-five percent of all Russian imports originated in Eastern Europe

    But tell me more about how THIS form of market capture over vassalized states is TOTALLY different than the British Empire’s form of market capture over vassalized states /s

  • Colonialists use that excuse, I’m very aware, the difference is that they’re lying when they say it. Number of hospital beds per capita, salaries, number of teachers per capita, conservation of local language through language choice in education and written publications such as books or newspapers in the local language, industrialization of the area

    Holy shit, literally “The British built schools hospitals in Africa” level colonization apologia. Jesus Christ. And tankies wonder why I don’t view them any differently than any other authoritarians.

  • Oh, cool, so North Korea is behind because they didn’t implement a fascist government that pushed against workers’ rights and performed crackdowns against unions, applied protectionism to key industries, and welcomed foreign capital into those sectors?

    Fucking lmao.

    But sure, tell me how South Korea’s greatest periods of growth were definitely under the periods of dictatorship and military junta and not the democratic period that resulted in reaction to that.