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  • I think so much about it is awesome (visuals, design of ships and sets, music, etc.) but maybe due to lack of repeated exposure to the movies as a child I don’t feel much about them. The modern movies were especially meh, since they all feel like they are trying to recapture the feeling of people who saw the originals in the cinema in the late 70s and 80s, but without doing anything new. I did quite enjoy the Fallen Order game and will probably play the follow up at some point too though.

  • Fuck Putin, the warmongering cunt. I hope Ukraine continues to get Western support and can kick Russia out of their country, however slim the chances might be looking right now. Russia extending its influence and things gradually going back to business as usual, only for them to do it again in another 10 years won’t be good for any Western democracies.

    Haven’t really been following the Israel/Palestine thing much to be honest, but it would be nice if people would stop killing one another. Also really sucks that it benefits Putin.

  • I think there is a sweet spot when the cereal has absorbed a bit of milk and softened, but still has a little crunch, and the milk has absorbed some flavour from the cereal. However, if you leave it too long, you’ll end up with a soggy mass, which is shit. It also depends on the cereal a bit. I think nice muesli or granola usually needs a bit more softening than a lighter cereal like corn flakes or coco pops, but the latter do benefit from turning the milk sweet or chocolatey when left to soak.

    Of course, like everything else in this world, we are destined to fight over it as if there are only two choices; maximum soggy and maximum crunchy.

  • I used Adobe Illustrator from time to time, didn’t really like it, and was not willing to pay $20/month for software I rarely use. Normally I’d use a foss app, but I tried using Inkscape and unfortunately it wouldn’t run very well on my machine, so I bought Affinity Designer.

    Affinity is just as good as Adobe in many ways, runs really smoothly and I liked it so much that when they announced V2 (paid upgrade, but at launch had a nice big discount), I just paid for the full suite as it was such a great deal, even though I’m unlikely to even use publisher or the iPad apps that all came with it. Definitely worth the money, and happy to support a company using the traditional buy once own forever model.

  • Checking the Wikipedia article on the Toyota Hilux reveals that ~1995 was peak pickup truck, and everything since then has been objectively a step in the wrong direction. I know this community is Fuck Cars, but this version was indestructible and actually amazing for the kind of shit people bought them for. Not many people would buy this to drive the kids to school or do the weekly shop. Actually, we had one when I was a kid, and I would ride in the back sometimes (just on farm roads in the UK) and it was awesome.

    The popularity of pickups now is just insane. I can’t understand why they’ve gotten so massive, and are owned by so many people who are clearly not using them for any work type purpose.

  • I’m sure there have been mistakes, but calling them incompetent is a bit of a stretch. Yes, it’s an absolutely eye watering amount of time and money, but they are trying to make an online universe with a high level of detail in which you can move between planets and all kinds of environments completely seamlessly. If they weren’t trying to make something with such a high level of difficulty, then I suspect they would have released a finished product by now, but they are making stuff nobody has made before, at least not at this scale.

    Perhaps inability to scale things back is a bit of a problem, but I think Chris Roberts realises he’s not likely to get a chance to get a basically unlimited amount of money (in game dev terms) to make the ultimate dream game he and many other people always wanted, so I’d imagine that’s the reason they are just going all out.