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  • I have ADHD and recently just quit nicotine. So for the past few months I run through my mental checklist including the vapes that are no longer part of my checklist because they were part of it for so long. then I have to consciously tell myself I don’t vape anymore and have to redo the list In my head without the vapes. I never feel like I have everything…

  • I was half sharing half joking a bit of my morbid depression and sense of humor with a coworker one day. The next day she came up to me unprompted and said if I ever don’t show up without notice she’s she calling the police for a wellness check on me. I don’t share or joke with anyone at work anymore. I appreciate the sentiment from her but I could tell I upset her by opening up a little with her

  • I can do it without closing my eyes but when i was younger, I remember closing my eyes or scrunching my face made it easier to do. If you can wiggle your ears without lifting your eyebrows, it kind of feels like its the same muscle group that causes the rumbles. The rumbling sounds like white noise inside my head. Its caused by constricting Tensor Tympani muscle in the ear voluntarily. From Wikipedia:

    Some individuals can voluntarily produce this rumbling sound by contracting the muscle. According to the National Institute of Health, “voluntary control of the tensor tympani muscle is an extremely rare event”,[5] where “rare” seems to refer more to the scarcity of test subjects and/or studies more than the percentage of the general population who have voluntary control. The rumbling sound can also be heard when the neck or jaw muscles are highly tensed as when yawning deeply. This phenomenon has been known since (at least) 1884.[6]