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  • I still get it, don’t mistake my comment for a lack of compassion.

    It’s especially true for teenagers that gets bullied because of things like it. (Although probably less of a problem for Karens since it’s a rather outdated name.)

    You’d be in the right to be bummed out sure.

    But as adults I don’t think you should hold as much importance to it, it’s how to avoid hurting, lightheartedness and humor is the better response.

    Someone named Karen making fun of Karens is just perfect, and the jokes for someone named motherfucker would write themselves!

  • I agree, the sooner the better.

    Sex ed is what makes children mature enough to have sex once they reach the age of doing it.

    But what’s the point of raising the age of consent?

    My point is there isn’t any if sex ed is done well, it only makes sex more taboo.

    Conversely, if you want to raise it, maybe it’s because sex ed wasn’t done properly, making teens not able to be mature enough for an activity they are gonna do anyway.

    For driving, I would agree in general we aren’t good at driving, but changing our means of transport isn’t easy, despite being the best solution. That wasn’t really the topic though…

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    Thinking people in their late teenage years and young adults aren’t mature enough to do some of those things is just a big tell of how bad we educate them rather than their brain not being “developed”.

    Consent is the most obvious example, teenagers are gonna have a sexual life no matter what you want them to do. Removing consent just remove yourself from the responsibility of educating them and entice them to stay hidden.

    Driving is also just necessary to anyone working, again being safe just need to be taught, plenty of adults are just as immature and stupid.

    The same can be said for drinking or smoking, prevention is so much more effective than restrictions.

    However, for voting or joining the army that’s when i agree. Because the system is built to prey on them, making sure they stay uneducated and vulnerable. So only then does having restrictions make sens to keep them safe.

  • Not sure I share that viewpoint for the US, the history of the indigenous is the story of the people, not the nation.

    And the US has many more populations that have great history, from EU and Africa.

    But the beginning of its history is founded on the gathering and interaction of all those different cultures.

    So for me saying the country is young doesn’t quite have the same connotations of erasure from colonialist, it mostly makes me think of how current the melting pot of all those different cultures are.

    I still agree we shouldn’t diminish the importance of indigenous people in it.

  • Even better is, we casually drop the “Comment” and add the accent of a question instead, so it can go like : “Ça va?” “Ça va.”

    Note that in French we can make the meaning of it vary from roughly ‘not great’ to ‘good’ just by how enthusiastic we are. It’s really only when we want to express radical emotions that we might stop using it.

    (Although someone depressed might not want to express their distress and use it like the expressions in this meme…)

  • It is, and it doesn’t mean i don’t love them, i do.

    Cats are more manageable to love because they don’t lick you, their fur still triggers it but not as much.

    I think i got the allergy alongside my love of pets from growing up with the nicest cat ever.

    So i’m honestly thinking about trying something to lessen the allergy, that or a hairless cat.