I cannot see posts from lemmy.ml. I only see a few but not a lot. When I go to https://lemmy.ca/community/2573, for example I don’t see any posts however when I go to https://lemmy.ml/c/embedded_prog, while not logged in because I don’t have an account on lemmy.ml, I see posts. Is it just me or is it an effect of federation?


Hey @twopi@lemmy.ca I’m sorry I missed this post along the way. You know, I think I’m going to go check on whether one can get notifications on posts from various communities or not, and if not, file an enhancement request. There’s definitely some I’d like lemmy.ca to be a little more active about telling me about.

At any rate - regarding federation - the lemmy software at this point doesn’t pull in old posts from a community. When someone on lemmy.ca subscribes to a community on lemmy.ml, then federation starts from that moment and that’s all the timeline that lemmy.ca will know about. I think this is something that should get enhanced over time - I can understand not wanting to flood an instance with history on busy communities, but I can see that issue being remedied in other ways (either trickling old posts in over time or adding in federated search, etc)

So, with /c/embedded_prog - there’s been no activity on lemmy.ml for 3 months, and I suspect the subscription here would have been after the last activity. So, if you post something to it, it should work and federate over to lemmy.ml. Any new activity on any of the old posts on lemmy.ml should federate those posts and comments over here.

I’m curious about the same thing. I was looking to see what’s happening at the emacs community and I found it at https://lemmy.ml/c/emacs, but can’t seem to subscribe from here. I suppose it’s still early days of federation so there’s probably lots to work out still.

At any rate, thanks to Kinetix for hosting! I’m looking forward to exploring!


It looks like we have a subscribe to lemmy.ml’s /c/emacs here: https://lemmy.ca/community/2935 - maybe that was you?

Looks like that sub is quiet as well. Feel free to post and get it rolling again!

Indeed that was me! I guess searching for a community pulls it into your instance. :)


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