Govt looks for cyber volunteers to report ‘anti-national activities’
Sources told The Indian Express that the programme will be piloted on a trial basis in Jammu and Kashmir, and Tripura, and that its scale would be calibrated depending on feedback.

Such kind of ideas put forth by this right wing hindutva nationalist government is never about preventing crime, like the one the US & it’s allies do. It’s all about power and control, and anyone who goes against that gets labeled a traitor.

Though it’s not a law yet, this helps gauge the response from the people and decide accordingly.

From The Logical Indian,

Given that those who disagree with the government are often charged under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), detained or jailed, the program can be misused to silence dissenting voices without accountability.

Further, flagging content as ‘anti-national’, without an actual definition of what constitutes ‘anti-national’ behaviour, speech or work, will result in arbitrary actions by citizen volunteers.

“Giving people the option to report fellow citizens gives too much power without adequate checks and balances. What if I report you and get it reported by multiple people to settle my differences with you?” a senior lawyer was quoted in the media.

That sounds pretty scary!

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