Where is `lemmy.ca` hosted?

Just as the title asks, where is lemmy.ca hosted?

I have flagfox installed on my firefox.

It tells me that lemmy.ca is hosted in Washington state. Link: https://iplookup.flagfox.net/?ip= I’d like to know if this is accurate.

Ideally I’d like to have the data be hosted in Canada and hence under Canadian law as opposed to US law.

I’d also be interested in hearing other opinions on this.


It’s hosted on a dedicated server in Seattle.

Hosting items within Canada isn’t necessarily the panacea that our Canadian law might suggest. Ever watched traffic go cross-country? Somehow, at least Telus is getting away with shipping traffic through the states.


Thanks for the answer.

I wasn’t aware that Telus ships traffic through the states. I wonder if other ISPs do that as well. Could I have a source for this? It’d be interesting to read on. When I was trying to find something about this I only get links to Telus’s international website.

It looks like you’re using Hyper Expert (Link: https://www.hyperexpert.com/). How have they been? Is there a reason why you chose Hyper Expert?

I have a few websites myself so I’m always wondering if I could have gone with a different host. Though I guess Lemmy is different as it is a social media website.


I would love to post a traceroute but it appears that the traffic path that I know was routed through the states is no longer doing so, so it could take some work. Who knows, maybe they were told to fix things?

Hyper Expert is cheap, that’s all I can really say about it. They’ve done some pretty crazily unimpressive things, but I moved VPSes on to a dedicated server and I’ve hardly had to deal with them since.

If you need a little VPS I can say that Linode and Digital Ocean have been mostly fine.


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