Cold Hotman
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What about familiarity? I’ve not been happy on the fediverse before Lemmy showed up, since I much prefer the content focus of a link aggregator compared to the person focus of microbloggers like Twitter/Mastodon or Facebook/Friendica/Diaspora etc.

With the main idea of federation being that everyone should be able to see everything from everyone, on their chosen platform (or at least as far as I understand federation) my argument is that regular internet users should be channeled to the type of platforms they’re most comfortable with, not how easy the platform seems to others.

When it comes to “non-nerds”… Yes, but they don’t tend to stick around. Even on Mastodon, which is the most profiled platform, it’s basically techies and ideologues. I think there’s multiple reasons but the biggest is a lack of “normie” content. It’s self-perpetuating, no content for the mainstream folks gives them no reason to stick around and generate mainstream content.

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Right now the fedi is niche with people on it that you can still consider to be early adopters. Indeed lotta techies and ideologues among them. I’m there myself. But I wonder if you curate your followers / following well how it will give a different perspective to that, and reflected in your timeline.

My own advocacy is tech-focused, aiming at the potential that the Fediverse has, and where current fedi apps are only just a start. Fedi provides better alternatives to corporate social platforms, but they are mostly better copies of them. I hope the focus of the technology is to provide more sociotechnical innovation that go well beyond what social media provide… Not media (i.e. ‘broadcasting yourself’) but towards social networking and supporting social relationships online in similar ways as we foster them IRL and our daily lives. I am hoping for a Peopleverse to someday arise; a “social fabric” on top of the Fediverse that seamlessly ties online space to our non-virtual world.

While that is vision and none-too-practical yet (the trend of fedi innovation is towards stagnation, I am afraid, with major challenges to overcome), pathways towards its realization must be created. It needs continued (socio)technical focus, but aboveall it needs community cooperation and collaboration of many more people than just the techies. And that is an Achilles Heel in grassroots, anarchistic fedi culture. One realization for techies that can help is the insight that “coding is social” and can be much more inclusive than it is now. I am involved in preparing Social Coding Movement which has some major goals wrt fedi evolution. Right now it is techie-mostly, but hopefully it’ll become more diverse.
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I bet mastodon has most non tech people

I have a username
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Because of Elon Musk?
24 Monate

no because it’s pretty easy to use and prominent

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