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Roughly the past year, no need to look up if it definitely was.

Also does the movie have left elements?

I truly enjoyed Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. I feel the idea that the worst mutliversal version of someone is capable of saving the universe alines with the idea we each matter and deserve the basics at bare minimum to a certain extent.
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It also breaks the “violence solves everything” trope that is so common in USian movies.
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A movie that is certainly on my “have to watch” list!

It’s Dune for me. Because it’s beautiful, because it’s a great story, because it has exactly the kind of pace I like.
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I like that they split it into two movies. They could have tried to stuff it all into a single movie, but that would have required shaving off many scenes that add significantly to the story. I’m looking forward to some real screen time for Zendaya in this upcoming film.

Captain Beyond
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Gintama the Final, Don’t Look Up, Sonic 2. All for different reasons but I can’t pick a single favorite from among those three.

Sonic 2


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