get vaccinated

Maybe you should clarify that this meme is aimed at people over 50, who suffer about 93% of Covid-19 deaths (source, and likely a similar percentage of severe infections. To be honest I dont think there are many people from that age group here. In that sense, it seems rather misleading to me.

Great example. What we really want to do to defeat big pharma though is get everyone to exercise, get sunlight, eat healthy, and have meaningful human relationships. Then they don’t need any of that because their immune system won’t be trash.

“Yeah bro the immunity will beat everything”

I would just like to add that I’ve personally never had Covid , have never been vaccinated, never wear a mask and visit Covid positive people all the time. Literally every chance I get.

That’s the power of a functional immune system. Not only will you not need medicine but because you get sick less you infect others less. Taking care of yourself saves lives. Go get some sunlight, eat a juicy steak full of fat soluble vitamins and take a long walk in nature.

‘statistics don’t matter because it never happened to me’

This guy breaks down a recent Italian study on abdominal fat and antibodies for people who have the misconception that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Get healthy

Unironically linking IGTV as a source if information… FACEPALM

What statistics? Like the ones that say healthy people have nothing to worry about? If you are sick and obese go ahead and medicate. The get healthy



You can’t do that while you’re living under capitalism with wage labour that lasts 8 hours a day leaving you an approximate of 3 to 4 hours of free time during which you need to cook, clean, go to the bathroom and have some recreational time, assuming you sleep 8 hours.

Of course the immune system is related to a virus. Vaccines are not magic, what they do is allow the immune system to fight covid more effectively, by generating more antibodies. Sure it is possible that a young, healthy person gets a severe infection, but the probability for that to happen is vastly lower compared to a 70 year old with various chronic diseases.

Edit: Here is an easy to understand explanation how vaccines work.

I know, what I wanted to say is that it’s not like because you’re healthy person you’re going to do just fine against Coronavirus, you need to get vaccinated because the body is not capable of creating antibodies that are cable of fighting it without the vaccine.

Of course the body is capable, thats exactly what the immune system is for. What the vaccine does is simulate an infection, so when you actually get infected, the immune system remembers how to create antibodies, and does it faster. If the human body were unable to form covid antibodies without vaccination, every single infected person in 2020 would have died.

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Also the immune system is unrelated to fucking Coronavirus, you could be the healthiest person and still get fucked up when you get it if you’re unvaccinated.


What is the average comorbidity with Covid deaths these days?

Immune system has everything to do with it. A vaccine works by training your immune system anyways. Obese people produce less antibodies from vaccines than healthy people. (I can provide sources if you want) So even if you get a vaccine it’s gonna work better with a healthier immune system.

You can’t do that while you’re living under capitalism with wage labour that lasts 8 hours a day

Well this is unrelated. We also shouldn’t give up on health and instead trust our immune systems to big pharma.

Remember; you can’t make money off home remedies and vitamin D so there will be fewer studies fewer politicians paid off to talk about it.

You can blame that on capitalism too I guess.

Can you please explain how vaccines work? Just in your own words, the general mechanics of how vaccines work.

Why would I explain to you; someone of sufficient intelligence to create a lemmy account , when you know exactly where and how to get that information?

What do you hope to get out of my explanation ? Some

GOTCHA! That’s not how it works!

If you disagree with my statement on health and immune responses why don’t you instead express your disagreement or state the information you think I lack?

Wouldn’t that be a more organic way for this discussion to go?


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