Thank you for this message man. Doing Gods work out here!

Ignore all these people that downvote this post or the mods censoring this post. Keep doing what you are doing by spreading the truth. People don’t like the truth and that’s life. You are giving people what they want on this forum - an explanation for this madness! I will likely be censored to by these mods and labelled an anti-vax troll like these other guys, but these mods haven’t awoken to the truth. They are sheep and think that by following leftism it makes them ‘different’ in some way.

These mods have a lot to answer for in censoring this post so much because the poster is right - no rules are being broken by posting this important message, yet they will continue to censor this message. Keep strong man! Keep at it! The people need to know of this truth! Even if this message falls on a lot of deaf ears that don’t wanna hear this, just keep doing it because the more you stay strong and keep spreading this truth the more people that are likely to awaken to this important message for humanity.

Thank you for what you do man! You are a real world hero for what you do! For this I thank you for your service and will do my best when I have time to promote this message to humanity. The people need to know of this important truth!

To the mods I say that I am sorry and I forgive you for your blatant censorship. The media have clearly brainwashed you into submission. This virus is never going away and these vaccines will not work soon due to the mutations of the virus. Keep censoring this but the truth of this message will prove true overtime and you will be left asking yourself “did I really censor the truth?” And that you did, but it is ok because you didn’t see the truth in this message as I and others have had.

Absolute hero to the people of the world!

Stay strong man! Fight the censorship and tyranny of these mods in this forum! Get this message out to as many people to the world! The people should all know of this truth!

Any news or discussion around the pandemic. Anti-vaccination posts and comments will be removed, as well as personal attacks.

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