You know, I understand the frustration with shitty tech, and I’ve had plenty of grumblings about the way some of the things are done here in our provincial government as well. However, if you haven’t been involved with rollouts of things that have to handle thousands or tens of thousands of accesses in a very short time frame and also have the fun constraints of either nearly zero budget, brand new web (or database or…) code, or government red tape, then it probably makes it less clear why a queueing system like this is not all that bad of a thing with a new rollout and an expected huge surge in traffic.

It’s frustrating, sure, but the queue is probably better than a 500-series error with the service being essentially dead.

I’m saying this from the perspective of ‘there must be something new and massively traffic-inducing going on there’. Our vaccine passport rollout stuff here in BC had a similar queueing system - and it was only really slow/bad the first day or two. No waits since, to the best of my knowledge or experience.

What’s going on in Canada?

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