Union leaders ‘disgusted’ as restaurant chain develops ‘labour optimization programs’ that outsource jobs to countries that pay less.

How is this legal? yeah i get that their body is in nicaragua, but they are working in canada!

Also, forget ‘AI taking our jobs’, the ‘mexicans are taking our low skill jobs via zoom’ - some righty.

Remind me of when they brought those south african fire fighters here. They ended up paying them canadian fire fighter wage iirc.

So many international mining companies are based in Canada so that they could use our shitty labour laws that allows the exploitation of workers in other countries.

This is even more ridiculous as they are literally working and interacting with Canadians in Canada.

Let’s wait 5 years, debate it for another 5, and then take another 5 years to pass something to raise their wage from $3.75 to $5.00. Oh and this counts as the NDP’s concession to keep the Liberals in power until the election of 2040.




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