Hi, how to setup the port on the email sending configuration?..


I linked the github issue describing this, but essentially the link field, which is the main one used by RSS readers, can either go to …


Hi, where ist the best community for lemmy-newbies with a new installed instance?..


What are some features or small quality of life improvements you'd like to see implemented on Lemmy?

One that I’d like to see is a more in-depth sorting option for posts (allowing you to see for example top of December 2020, or top of a specific day). A custom date range selection would be best. I remember this being a frequently requested feature in the early days of reddit, and they never impleme…

Cross-posting should add quote formatting

I recently noticed that when cross-posting a topic to another community it looks like the text was written by the cross-poster, while in fact it is only a quote from the original poster. …

I was wondering if we launch an event something like /r/place which happened in 2017

would it be possible ? this seems like a good idea we can pitch in people from the fediverse and complete it . also would be a fun experiment.

I updated the Chinese language translation file zh.json, please add developers to the new version of lemmy. …

Is it possible to subscribe to subs on other Lemmy instances?

Say I found an interesting sub on a different Lemmy, is there a way for me to add it to my feed here?..

Milestones for NLnet funding

Here are the milestones and payouts we agreed on with NLnet. …

Oops! I lost my postgres

I’m writing this to hopefully get the attention of or to let them know that I lost my database today, which means my gitea (where pict-rs is hosted) is down until I get a new database in place and u…

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