I do wonder how this was not clear during the crowd-sourcing campaign already… but the new chip is probably also fine. Edit: According to a forum post they had ordered and even paid for the old chip already, just to be informed by the supplier shortly after that it was unavailable…

“We are very pleased to announce that the PinePhone will ship with Plasma Mobile on a Manjaro ARM base from this point on. We have a long-standing relationship with Manjaro and KDE Community, and both projects have supported us and our efforts since the dawn of PINE64,” writes Pine64’s Lukasz Erecin…

Oh my, I cant say I like the length of the snippet the link brought over - tried to edit it but you cant (seems tied to the link) - apologies for that! …

German Librem5 review

tl;dr: “Das Gerät enttäuscht aber selbst hartgesottene Linuxer”…

They now have daily builds for Lomiri, Phosh and Plasma-Mobile UIs…

Some nice examples to start with. UT’s Docker based build system Clickable makes it also extremely easy to make packages and share them on the Open-Store

Still on the dev channel only, but this is a big improvement and a huge step towards upgrading the Ubuntu base from 16.04 to 20.04…

Community about running GNU/Linux on phones. Projects like Ubuntu Touch, Plasma Mobile, PostmarketOS, Mobian etc. Either on former Android phones or hardware like the PinePhone.

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