Hello everyone, …

Any good open source or libre video editors for Android?

Couldn’t find anything on F-Droid. Was wondering if there even is an open-source video editor available for Android…

The inherent problem with creating a new browser/platform is getting people to create addons/extensions for it. …

List of libre software I would love to exist
Disclaimer: I know that being a developer is hard, I’m not trying to say that people should start doing these ideas to please my desires. I just thought it was fun to have a list of ideas that could improve the libre software community and these are some of them that I would really love to see…

IMO, E2EE private chats is the next big thing to add to the fediverse!

Wouldn’t be great if ActivityPub supported something like E2EE private chats between any user from any instance of any project.
I believe the possibility to find and chat with anyone in facebook and Instagram is what have made them have a monopoly in the social media verse. …

Usually each component manufacturer has their own software for controlling RGB lights, with some requiring an online account to function. For Linux users, even that is not usually available since most of these applications are proprietary and Windows only. This is where OpenRGB comes in. OpenRGB is …

Seems like a nice FLOSS project, to use instead of the standard proprietary crapware that are often used. …

Sourcehut pages

sourcehut now has a tool where you can publish your own static site! every user receives domain and you can bring your own domain …

Full-text search pages you annotated and bookmarked with highlighting and annotation for websites visited. No signup is necessary, and you can import from every major bookmarking service. IT has extensions for Firefox and all Chromium based browsers. …


Aether is a new distributed application that allows users to communicate in an online forum without the use of central servers:

Open source is all about helping other people. Very often, you can help Windows users by using the Linux-based System Rescue CD. But sometimes, the only way to help is directly from Windows, and WoeUSB-ng is a great open source tool to make that possible. …

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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