Open source alternative to Knox Manage mobile device management

The company I work for sells a medical device that transmits data via Bluetooth Low Energy to a smartphone app that is then pushed to a database. For some of our customers they request that we provide phones with our app pre-installed that have most features locked down so that only the a select few…

I’ve featured Safe Eyes for Linux before so this one is for Windows users. We read more and more about blue light filters (and it also being recently debunked) to avoid eye strain, but the most important preventions are taking forced breaks every 20 minutes, not sitting too close to the screen, havi…

See the screen casts and examples further down in the link…

Is there any opensource alternative to Docsflow?

Edit: What Docsflow does is allowing InDesign to sync with the gdocs files. …

A list of stories by people, including a story by one of the founders of LibreOffice…

Interesting to read that SQLite is actually really good SQL server software and not just a toy or test thing and that Litestream can make it more robust. Related to :

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