False-color photographs, taken with the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua and Terra satellite, use a sequence of visible and infrared light (bands 7-2-1) to make it simpler to identify several characteristics…

Turkey’s airstrike is almost a daily recurrence in that autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq, more notably in the border areas, driving villagers out of their homes. …

Data from 19 observatories released today promise to give a rare insight into this black hole and the system it powers, and to update analyses of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity…

Problematic Japan's radioactive waste signs the world is not ready for nuclear energy commercialization

The Japan decision to dump out its nuclear to free ocean will impact fishermen at the most. Especially fishermen around zone the radioactive contaminated water will be drained, they fear the devaluation of their sea-products because they are caught in radioactive contaminated waters. …

The massive increase in Industrial society childhood #Autism isn’t caused by thimerosal. It’s because your children hate and despise you for turning them into human pin cushions and lab rats, because YOU were stupid enough to be one, and subsequently have no permanent immunity to… to ANYTHING. Hop…

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