From the perspective of Mozillla’s platform team, an area of particular interest for such an architecture change on macOS is Firefox’s use of macOS APIs. Firefox and Gecko’s roots go back to the Netscape codebase, which already supported the Mac as it was in 1994…

Why is everyone ditching FF? They are grewing according by StatCounter!

Now, a few weeks ago, Firefox has posted that controverse article about “de-platforming” people like Trump, now, I was reading the article, but it was a bit too complicated to understand, what’s the problem with it and I was reading the comments on Twitter (which is never a good idea), where anyone …


Could we have the Firefox logo here and also the name of the community written as “Firefox” with a capital letter at the beginning? …

Having to write WWW in URL

Hey, I recently have to manually type “www.” in url or else I get unable to connect page. What setting / addon is causing this / how to fix ? …

Help me make native mouse gestures a thing

Well, I know this is a very niche thing that probably only 20 people on the internet besides me care about, but it makes browsing so much faster and better but it can’t truly happen without native support, since extensions have a lot of restrictions and add ons like Gesturefy can only work on fully …

is firefox good?

tbh ive never used firefox so i this browser good or bad?..

Can we talk about the fact that Chrome for android still doesn't support any add-ons?

There was a lot of justified complaints when Mozilla rushed the release of Fenix on Android and broke most of add-ons APIs, resulting in a very limited set of allowed add-ons to not risk breaking the browser. …

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