Matrix/Element Spaces, where to follow progress?

So I’ve been looking for a real Discord alternative for years now and it seems Spaces is the thing that’s finally going to start bringing in the functionality that exists in Discord. What I want to know is where could I follow the progress it? Not only am I very excited about it, but I’d also like t…


A Material-looking mobile optimized UI for Mastodon/Pleroma which follows the Google+ look. The last commit was 8 months ago, and the muse-ui library hasn’t been updated for 2 years, but still works and looks awesome…

What is Fedeproxy?

tl;dr: ActivityPub enabled repository mirroring system for Github, Gitlab etc…

A very nice app that displays the feed in the “post + comments” way rather than in a microblogging manner…

Which Fediverse platforms have/are planning groups?

From what I know, Friendica, Hubzilla and Mobilizon already have groups, Pleroma is planning. Am I missing any other potential candidate to eventually federate with Lemmy?..

The Case Against the Fediverse (Lunduke video)

I don’t necessarily agree and I guess it is intentionally controversial, but still worth a look I guess. …

Decentralized and federating document editing and annotation

This seems super cool, and the in browser editor is certainly neat, but I am having a bit of a hard time understanding how the ActivityPub part of this works. It seems like you can somehow use your own ActivityPub compatible server and this is acting as a client only? …

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