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A Comment Section for any Static Website/Blog with Mastodon!

implementing ActivityPub comment section on your static blog can be done with just a mastodon account…

Fediverse Creators Wiki



I am looking for people who are interested in Zot-based platforms: Hubzilla, Zap and Osada as a base to build “village intranet” instances for either intentional or local communities. Anyone out there?..

ZOT family friends?

Could one year make a difference on Fediverse?

One year, 12 months, 52.17857 weeks, 365.25 days, 8766 hours, and then 31557600 seconds. …

A project idea: will it be useful?

I want to propose an idea for a project that I want to implement, but I don’t know if it will be useful to anyone. …

Hypothetically speaking. if I finished making a fediverse instance like pleroma or mastodon, what can I do with it?

you’ve bought a vps server, then after that you played around with it and made your first website and decided to make your own social media. you feel like having everything you’ve ever wanted to own because you can do whatever with it. and then come to the realization in which you have no idea what …

A talent agency of online creators on fediverse.

at first I was just thinking of making my own organization/group for novelists. more catered towards fictional writers than non-fiction ones. there won’t be any app for the webnovels, rather just a website for the members that has a brief biography and links to their own platforms, for an example th…

reevaluate the way we design Fediverse interfaces and clients - njms - Ethical anti-design, or designing products that people can't get addicted to.

"Again, Twitter’s interface was very intentionally designed to maximize the amount of time per day a person spends online. The Fediverse really doesn’t need that, but it has it anyway. That’s why I’m proposing that we reevaluate the way we design Fediverse interfaces and clients in light of how we c…

Some time ago I made the start of a front-end app store, but now is just sitting on my computer so if anyone wants to use it for anything contact me nd we can talk…

PeerTube Search API [solved]

Does anyone know of a PeerTube search engine that provides an API or returns JSON like YouTube does? …

Pretty awesome news, and a lot of cool open-source projects seem to benefit from these EU grants lately :)…

Anyone know a good diaspora pod?

The diaspora* pod website is offline and I am looking for a good pod, any help? …

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