Rust Programming

[Solved] [Noob Question] How to use "match"

Hi, first of all sorry if it’s not the place to ask (I’ll delete the post if it’s the case). …

*We are definitely excited about Rust! Its emphasis on safety, performance, and modern tooling all stand out. We’re also excited that we could use one language across embedded systems, simulators, tooling, and web apps. We are starting to prototype some new projects in Rust, but we are certainly jus…

Mobile development with Rust

Does anyone have any experience with this? Is Rust mature enough to be able to do this?..

This seems like a really interesting project…

tl;dr: Two optimizations that would allow writing easy code and let the compiler optimize things out are not performed, so back go manual state machines…

… In fact, we strongly recommend writing new projects entirely in Rust to avoid data races altogether …

Rust Programming
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