now i can feel devs pain from no documentation-reading people, anyone here had a similar experience?

so recently i’ve been working on a project and a girl joined me, so i sent her my documentation for support, which describes EVERY single thing on this project, but every single time she asks me something that is already answered on the documentation. Probably she thinks that long text it’s there j…

How do I create a community

Im having trouble. Every time it says follow format requirements. Anyone know shat that format is?..

The OpenNIC Project has established an alternate DNS network to resolve domain names to IP addresses, but it includes names not currently used by the internet. Available top-level domains include: …


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How Do I Make a Community In Lemmy?

I want to make a community for myself, and my interests, but i dont know how to make a community in Lemmy, can someone help? (any help is welcome.)…


Mid level knowledge

It is easy to find articles and guides designed for laypeople. If you know the right keyword, it is just as easy to find professional/expert level papers and articles. I have noticed that this is the case across fields. Is that what other folks experience? Where do you go for information when laypeo…


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Should Cities Have More Cycle-Lanes?

I was recently thinking about buying an elecrtic scooter/bike to get from point A to point B, with everything so close in a city, and traffic being bad. What are your thoughts on cycle-lanes, and cycling/scooting in general?..

Should we really use links to alternative frontends ?

I was aware (and used) alternative frontends to various proprietary sites (invidious, teddit, nitter etc…). …

How to confront right wing attitutes

[Crosspost !] …


usb otg with usb2 or usb3 question

I have a usb otg adapter, which allows me to connect a usb pen drive to a smartphone, or a physical keyboard. I’ve read that to use a smartphone with a computer screen (Like with Nexdock or Dex) the smartphone needs to have usb3 pins. Can I buy a usb ethernet adapter (Linux compatible) and will it w…

how can I see my profile on mobile app?

when i clock the bottom right ‘person’ icon it shows me someone else’s profile ?..

Brainstorm time: Why do non-West country users have less participation on discussion forums? (Read text for context)

The USA/West-EU countries make up about 12% of the world’s population, yet have about 80% participation on Reddit. Statistics do not differ much for other sites, as I used to have a decent non-anonymous tech blog years ago, where Google and WordPress offered me similar statistics of 70-75% of the vi…

What is missing from lemmy for it to become "successful"?

So, lemmy is a project I have been following since the beggining. With federation here, it seems like everything is aligned for it to become the reddit killer, pardon my expression. …

How should one deal with China criticising CIA/NED funded articles posted on one's community?

Someone did it on r/privatelife, I removed it after notifying users for few hours, showing its annual $300K NED grants on NED website. …

Autocrypt question

When I saw this overview I wondered if sending a message from Deltachat to friends who use K-9 Mail or Fair-Email on their phones would be encrypted after the initial message, or is there some more needed ?..


[Solved] Any illustrators/graphic designers out there?

I need 1 illustration (not complex). I have a reference for the style and sketch that gives a clear idea of the result. Ready to pay an equivalent of 150 USD in any low-transaction-fees crypto for the high resolution illustration incl. source file…

What's your favorite software for generating fake identities?

i needed one for filling out required info on some stupid account: things like address, phone number, name etc… …

How should admins, mods and users deal with sockpuppet harassers and downvoters?

I assisted admins, caught and got banned over the past week a user noobda, who created accounts noobde, noobdaREBRN and now noobrao. …

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