deleting lost lemmy account

would it be possible for the person running this instance to delete an account that i lost ( i want this )…

What do you think about the future of the Fediverse?

By that I mean do you expect it to take up one day? if so, when ? thanks to what? …

What would be a good domain for a flagship Lemmy instance?

Unfortunately the obvious ones are already taken (, or incredibly expensive ( Do you have any other ideas for a good domain? Or alternatively, we could just go with

UI/UX suggestion!

This might not be the right place to post I guess! but I hate logging to GitHub and enter a token every time. …

Why are minority communities centered on exclusion instead of inclusion?

If you’re a Nevernude and you go to the Nevernude congress, wouldn’t you also accept people who aren’t Nevernudes, if they adhere to your rules and don’t say anything against Nevernudes? …

How to cope with lack of IRL friends/acquaintances on the Fediverse?

So, I completely switched to FOSS federated social networks toward the middle of 2020. I love the Fediverse, but nobody I know IRL seems to care at all about it in any capacity, so I’m basically just screaming into a void full of other FOSSheads. How do I reconcile this? How do we get our IRL peeps …

Open survey about censorship on lemmy

This seems to be becoming the hot topic, the elephant in the chatroom - the balance between censorship / freedom of speech on lemmy. There are solid arguments for both ways, and good compromises too. …

Do you think non-condemning portrayals of things relating to Nazis should be restricted in media?

Obviously, things supporting Nazis should definitely not be allowed, but this is what I mean by non-condemning portrayals: In historical flight simulator games, there is often the option to fly Nazi planes, same with tank and ship simulators. There are scale models of Nazi military vehicles for sale…

Should we create fake users?

By creating sockpuppet accounts, you can fake more activity in discussions. This encourages real users to participate. Repeat until there are enough real users to sustain a community without sockpuppets. …

A new name for Lemmer

If you read recent release version 0.9 of Lemmy, you know that there are 2 mobile clients for Lemmy: Lemmer and Lemmur. …

How Does Federation Work?

Does it run in allowlist mode by default? Is it connected with ActivityPub yet?..

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