armchair socialists: why do you read so much theory without any intention of taking action?

I’m not sure that I qualify as an “armchair socialist”. I generally don’t read much socialist theory, and am active through voting and other forms of personal expression.

No disrespect meant.

I doubt that. An “armchair quarterback” is akin to a “backseat driver”, in that they don’t have an opportunity to control what they are opinionated about. You are - perhaps rightfully - accusing socialists of being harmfully inactive.

By armchair socialists I mean: like you won’t go out to protests, wont try to talk to your neighbors about organizing etc.

I am not a shepherd, wrangler, or politician.

I am a democratic socialist. I am not a communist.

Socialists advocate toward - and not necessarily for - communism.

Just slacktivism like changing your profile picture to pride during pride week and posting on lemmy at best.

I don’t participate in socialist pride weeks. I am unaware if Lemmy is socialistic.

Yeah I get that a bunch of netizens probably have mental health problems, but I bet my life that other activists over history have had severe mental/physical health problems but still went out, at least sometimes.

I don’t have endogenous mental health struggles. That is far easier to ensure by abstaining from collective behaviours.

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