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I’m not saying what I prefer. I’m saying what is.

In the '80s, when the economy collapsed (almost as bad as 2008’s collapse) I was thrown to the wolves by government. As a young white male I was deemed “easily employable” by government policy and thus “obviously shirking” and given punitive levels of economic assistance. (How punitive? Five of us shared a three-bedroom slum apartment in shifts just so we could both meet rent and eat.)

This was, mind you, in an economy where if, say, a local gas station was looking for labour, there’d be 25 people in line the next morning, 24 of whom had 10 years’ experience. With me as #25. It was impossible for me to find a job, no matter how many hoops they made me jump through at the employment office nor how punitive they were in handing out the dole.

That’s when I learned that no matter what the rhetoric of the government, when the crunch comes you can rely on yourself and maybe family. And that’s about it.

The current COVID-19 crisis in Canada is just more of the same. It’s a government that pays lip service to serving the people while in reality kneeling before monied interests with lips O-shaped and ready to service.

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